New Varta Leisure Battery Guide Is Essential Reading For All Caravan Owners

A new 24 page VARTA® battery guide has just been published by Johnson Controls in readiness for springtime equipment maintenance by the many thousands of caravan and motorhome owners around the UK.

The comprehensive range of VARTA Professional batteries for caravan use is split into five different categories designed to cover everything from straightforward engine starting to the more complex demands of luxury motorhomes – headed up by two types of battery using the latest AGM (absorbent glass mat) technology.

VARTA Professional Deep Cycle AGM batteries make use of advanced AGM technology. These batteries are fully sealed and of tough, leak proof construction. They offer up to eight times the cyclic durability of conventional batteries, and are completely maintenance free.

Depending on caravan owners’ specific requirements, Johnson Controls offers with VARTA a solution to every owner’s needs. Retail prices start from approximately £100 (excl VAT) for a 75 Ah VARTA Professional Dual Purpose battery.

The new guide includes two pages of technical tips on installation and removal, charging the battery safely, layout and wiring, and seasonal use. To make speccing as easy as possible, there is an online calculator on the manufacturer’s website – – to help owners identify the correct battery for their caravan and its equipment, plus a stockist locator. Customers are advised to locate their nearest VARTA stockists via the website and shop around for the best VARTA deal.

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